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New Texture location (20)
Split times

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New Texture location (20)

0-alfa ( from

While playing with adding a new texture to the start/finish straight at Hidden Valley, I ran across a previously unknown texture location.
Location 10, the road surface, doesnt apply to the pit lane, and adding a pitlane texture command at pitlane sector 1 fixes the pits themselves, but doesnt affect the "on ramp" and "off ramp" sections of the pit entry and exit.
These little bits of road, only about 20 metres each in length, are controlled by texture location 20.

I presume this is unknown, the tutorial 2.0b, nor the editor I'm currently using ( appear to know about it.


Fat Rat ( from

Good work Glen
I see a year after we started texture location codes were still Hunting .

We still need outer half of the curbs . I'll be doing alot of object texturing in the next little while.

I'll email you in the next few days, Having a few problems with my new series of photorealistic cock pits , Working on a Jag & an A4 . Right now . I whish I could draw .

Yes we will have to keep our official recorder and tutorails authors very happy . As it seems quite sometime between updates & IMPLEMENTATION or inclusion into the TE .

Is there a desert rally 2 coming ??

CU Les

addie (addie@asit,ch) from


there will be some news soon ...

(alfa: could you send me a track with working loc code 20 ? i'm afraid i could not repproduce ?!)

Fat Rat from


You'll have to be careful with your checkboxes & Views & fence starts . Etc.

BTW Glenn
If you put grass\gravel there , do the driving conditions change or stay the same,??

Does act act normal or does it act like Loc 10 , any texture drives like road ??

addie from

les, could you be more specific ? do you have a working example ? if yes, could you send it to me ?

i made my test with the grauholz track. i copied a working 0xbc with texture 31(some advert) and length 1 and pasted it into p0 and p1 and some pit lane sector in the regular pit lane and in a pit lane sector in the exit-section. then i simply set(in the properties box) the location code to 20 in every 0xbc. the surface of the pit lane did change nowhere. (we are talking about texture-mappping on the pit lane road surface, arent we?). did i miss something ?

µartijn from

Perhaps it's an 0xC8 (global texture definition) only, just like the kerbs, they also didn't work with 0xBC but did work with 0xC8.

sorry, can't test here, I'm busy pretending to work :-)

addie from

yes !
with 0xc8 it works for me !
so it is possible to map a new DEFAULT texture on the mentioned area.

did anybody successfully map with 0xbc on location 20 ?

Paul Hoad ( from

Excellent discovery!
so is that an BC type locator

µartijn from

So tell me, does anyone want to have these new discoveries documented in the scenery tutoial? (also the 0xAF discoveries from ADDIE)?
Or does everybody know this now, and don't care about an update?! I'd be happy to hear your comments.


Paul Hoad from

Might be useful to have these documented incase GP3 is similar
Paul Hoad

Fat Rat from

Sorry all

You must remember that I’am one of the few from this side of the pond .
Therefore when I post it’s usually very late\ early in the morning .

So no I was able to recreate , as I was about to retire for the night .
Yes I do believe that we are pursuing the location code for the on & off ramps for the pitlane road surface .

My question was in regard to the driving conditions for his code . Just wondering if this new local works the very same as Loc 10 , or does act like all other non road surface Location codes .

I would imagine that is does work just like the Loc 10 , but if not , There is our variable weather road surface or oil spills spots

When trying to recreate one would have to watch for all pit related problems.
Including the viewable portions for the pitlane cmd’s etc.

Actually I haven’t opened the TE in almost a month , been editing everything but tracks, SFX GFX , GPL - GP2 conversions . cockpits & carskins etc.

I don’t think documenting these for games that are not compatible or have not been released yet would be very useful to the GP2 community . But it will be essential for those of us still working on GP2 , as we can actually implement these values & settings now ( not some point in time ) in a sim that is available and evens runs .
The files for this sim are even editable to some degree .

Watch for more mail

CU Les

William Dale Jr ( from

I hate to point this out, but if this texture location you are talking about are the same ones that I think you are talking about, then I think Filou was the one who originally spotted it last October. I can send anyone interested his post on the forum about it, and it also contains info on kerb textures and track bumps, but most of us know how to change them by now. I've used all the things mentioned in his post on the Lakeside, Queensland track I'm making right now. I would have mentioned this before, but I thought everyone knew about it.
William Dale Jr

PS - Fat Rat, I'll try and send you the shots of the Westwood track soon, incase you're still interested, and I don't think that different textures effect the driving surface.

µartijn from

Hm, could you post this message again, if you still have it? I'd be interested to see what Filou wrote about the loc.code #20. I personally must have missed it then...

William Dale Jr from

Here is the message:

"Filou said the following:

Hi !

Here are some Unks I De-Unked:

First, the textures locations:

Note: For kerbs, "Inside Part" is the part of the kerb from the height on track to the intermediate height and "Outside Part" is the part of the kerb from the intermediate height to the height on verge.

Unk2: Type A Right Kerb Outside Part
Unk3: Type A Left Kerb Outside Part
Unk16: Type A Right Kerb Inside Part
Unk17: Type A Left Kerb Inside Part
Unk25: Type B Right Kerb Outside Part
Unk26: Type B Left Kerb Outside Part
Unk27: Type B Right Kerb Inside Part
Unk28: Type B Left Kerb Inside Part
Unk20: Road Floor at the Entry and Exit of Pitlane (needs testing)

Now some infos about the Various Data Blocks:

- Args 1 to 7 are the same for all the originals tracks, but not in Monaco, Budapest and Adelaïde where Args 2 and 5 are different from all the other tracks (we all know Adelaïde is a bizarre track but for Monaco and Budapest, it is perhaps because they are slower tracks ... needs testings). But I don't see any differences in tracks when I try to change these args.
- Arg 10 is always 1 in all the originals tracks
- The very last Arg is always 65535
- To join Babbel's theories with bumps, Args from 50 to the one before the very last are all Bumps Args !
The parity args (50,52,54 etc ...) are track distances and non-parity (don't know how to say this in english, I'm belgian :-) args are Bumps heights. Try to change these values to 8 for example and you will have a great bumpy track ! This would be useful for fictious like Desert Rally, for example !

Hope all these infos help

In response to the post, Paul Hoad asked him as to which command Filou had used,
Filou replied that he had used the 0xc8 command and hadn't tried the 0xbc command. To the best of my memory, I don't think there were any other posts relating to this message.
Hope this clears a few things up.
William Dale Jr

addie from

(i recall fat rat discovered a few of these location codes even before filou?)

however, thanks to both of them !

i wonder if anybody ever managed to use these loc-codes with cmd 0xbc (188) “texture mapping” ?
if yes, could you please send me an example track ?

as far as i know these loc-codes work only with cmd 0xc8 (200) ”default texture” ?

Fat Rat from

Cool I missed it or was not in the right state of mind to appreciate it .
I spread the word on Locations 16,17 in early Aug 98 .
Also encouraged investigations regarding how the 2 cmd's 0xb8 & 0xbc location codes do not act the same for both cmd's
One code works in 1 cmd , but not in the other .

Yes William I would be interested in obtain a copy of the Westwood track . But no promises on when I might be able to do the track .
But at least I'll have some ( any ) info about the track and will at least make it a possibility.

Now the BIG question . when will this & other recent discoveries ever make it into the TE ??
Thanx Les

Fat Rat from

I tested the 16 & 17 as you did I recall ??
It does not work in the 188 cmd ,But I think Loc 20 will ,.
Haven't tested it, have a hunch .
I went all through this doing my yet unfinished or released Oval .

William this when I learned what & where some texture ID's effect driving & sounds ,
But Loc 10, 20 & 8,9 in the pits ( which ever side the actual pit is) are the only exceptions , all other Id's excluding # 33 & 184 gravel .
will act as grass .
BTW cmd 200 applied to 16 & 17 are also seperated.
IE what ever texture used will ( sound ) and drive like a curb .

William it is the sound triggers I'am most interested in , The driving effect info is a product of looking for how the sound works in the game .

Has anybody looked at the samle cat file for format .
obviously it is a catalog file . holding 99 samples and the cat file would be akin to the headers in a jam file ??

Or mip , dat, bin,

I'am off to bed 2:45 am
Gdnite Les

addie from

you think loc 20 does ?
in my own tests it didnt work with 0xbc (188) !
the kerb locations neither, as far as i tested !

all these location codes were only from practical use if they could be used with 0xbc (188) “texture
mapper”. using them with 0xc8 (200) “default texture” is close to worthless (except maybe loc code 20). (you better directly edit the appropriate jams instead!)

µartijn from

I suspect it is just any of those unused things in GP2, because I have never seen such a location code used in an original track. Maybe Geoff had some great plans with them, but indeed, Addie, it would be neccesary to be able to use these loccodes with 0xBC to make them useful at all. I can imagine the usefullness of applying a different kerbtexture to every kerb(side), I cannot imagine what the usefullness is of calling a specific texture when you can only use one around a track....



0-Andrew D ( from

Martijn, the bumps work finr, but they dont seem to effect the computer cars, i set them to 15 for the whole track, but the cc cars don't see to be effected at all, weres i am all over the place.

Any ideas?

Andrew D

Ian Hill ( from

CCs don't respond to banking or to jumps when the height change is too extreme - I would expect that they can't be made to respond to bumps either.


µartijn (a@b.c) from

CCars don't respond to height-changes AT ALL!!!!
They always "stick" to the track, they'll keep driving as if nothing happens, even when your car is 30 yards up in the air. Ask Addie for his old-Grauholz, to get an example. Or (ofcourse!!!) try TunnelTrack, there are some nasty jumps there too that CCs just ignore. You can see it on kerbs, and on places where a sudden positive height-change gives extra grip, you'll drive much faster through there than any CCar.

They basically adjust their speed to the radius of the CCline section that's coming next. And as long as they stay within a few inches of that line, they ignore everything else (even walls and kerbs). Only when they divert too much, they get into a "real" mode where they suddenly jump over kerbs etc, or are affected by walls. Only then the computer starts to calculate the actual position of the car on the track, relative to kerbs and walls.

Bob Culver ( from

With Banked turns, if you view from inside the cc, they do seem to follow the banking, however they cannot take banked turns as fast for the reason martijn stated. They also cannot alter their attitude to the track, likely because of some missing code. This too seems to be an incomplete GP2 feature, banking that works only for the player.


Split times

0-IH ( said the following:

Does anyone know where is data for split time sectors. I mean where I can alter those places.

Malcolm Mitchell ( from

They're around about 1/3 and 2/3 although they're not always exactly that, but around those ... I think this is still unknown, but perhaps it has something to do with the track segments?

At the moment it is down to trial and error - nothing else.

Malcolm Mitchell

µartijn from

As far as I know, the positions are FIXED. Here's why:

Possibility #1: position is stored in GP2.exe
Possibility #2: position is stored in track.dat file.
Possibilty #3: position is fixed

ad #1: Then, the positions should change for the same tracks in different slots.
That does not happen.

Ad #2: Then, lengthening a track should let the split-positions stay in the same spot, that doesn't happen (assuming an absolute distance from s/f would be stored, which makes sense to me).

Therefore, #3 is the right one for me! Any other experiences?



0-Derek ( said the following:

I'm having trouble with the horizons on a track I'm working on. The problem is that in sections there
is a blank space halfway between the ribbons and the horizon texture, I've checked that all ribbons
have textures attatched to them, and also that the distance to horizon is 16384, I've run out of ideas,
any help appreciated.
Thanks, Derek

PLK ( said the following:

The problem you are having is a long-recognised one. The Monaco22.jam file supplies the texture that
fits in between the landscape and the horizon. It's texture ID is 116. Make sure you have this jam in
the track, or a replacement ID 116 jam, and your space should disappear.

Derek from

Jam inserted, problem solved. Thank you.



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