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Scenery problem
error code ??? (OS error information = 2)
CC Line Editing Lockup
Turn Off Fences
Belini Data (slot related data in gp2.exe)

Pit Lane Bug

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Scenery problem

Posted by Simon Donald from

Hi, I've recently started making a new Kyalami track, based on Peter Kessler + Yunus Patel's 92 Kyalami track. I have this one huge problem though in that part of the scenery suddenly juts into the track near the end of the lap (just before I chicane I have added to the track) and nothing I do can solve it. I have tried moving the scenery in, bridging the piece, but I have never edited scenery before. If someone thinks they can solve this problem I would be very grateful.

Posted by addie from

please check the swivel arm angles in the cmds 0xaf. they are a2: -16384 for left and a3: 16384 for right.

if the term "swivel arm" is new to you, please check the cmds 0xaf and 0xb8 in the command library.

i hope it helps


error code ??? (OS error information = 2)

Posted by Martyn Jones from

OK im new to this track editing but im trying to make an indianapolis f1 track but now ive got the track layout done i get an "OS error information = 2" when i load the track in the TE. Does anyone know what this means and should i just stop and start again???


CC Line Editing Lockup

Posted by Richard Goniu from

I am working on a 1970-1981 version of Hockenheim. I started to do the cc line by straightening the cc line using Track Editor ver 1.91. I get to the first chicane, and after getting correct cc line, the next section of the cc line makes a sharp left. I am unable to get this section and any subsequent sections to change and accept new cc line data. Any one have an idea? I have 38 jam files (39 maximum and track will still work).

Richard Goniu

Posted by Bob Culver from

Make sure you don't have the odd cc line command in that sector (can't recall if it is 80 or 120, but you will notice that there are only several of these types in the original tracks). Another possibility is if your cc line is too long. Try removing most of the existing cc line sections and adding new ones as you need them.

Posted by Nic Prins from

I would have suggested leaving the original cc-line as it was, especially since the track layout you are working on is not much different from the original Hockenheim. That way you'll just have to make small adjustments to the existing cc-line instead working out the whole length and radius yourself for each corner. However, I think that Bob's suggestion is correct. You probably have a cmd120 cc line section that has an end radius of zero because the TE set all radii to zero when you straightened the line.


Turn Off Fences

Posted by David Richards from

Is it possible to turn off fences completely, not just remove texture, but the physical barrier as well?

Posted by David Wortley from

In gp2 it is possible to drive out of the barriers, I have done it once, and i have had messed up cc lines which take the cars out of the track and into the middle of no-where, but then they snap back to the track again, anyway, why do you want to???

Posted by David Richards from

I want to remove the invisible fence at pit entry for Adelaide V8 track, plus remove barrier between track and pits on a 1970's Bathurst where the pit entry and exit are both on pit straight, with no wall between track and pits

Posted by Olivier S. from

In my knowledge it's not possible to physically remove the fences.



Belini Data (slot related data in gp2.exe)

Posted by Ed from

Hi guys!
I mailed PK a few weeks back, and he gave me a few hints on finding the magic data variables in the exe. There are about 15 per slot (I got them from the demo on, and the main ones that really affect the laptimes in a major way (they are grip related AFAIK) are at 0013:8ABE9 and 0013:8ABEB in the gp2.exe. The first affects the qualifying times and the other the race times. I've not really had time to investigate them, and thats just for slot 7 (although the variables are fairly obviously arranged). The other variables (for slot 7)are at the following locations, and I've put what I know they affect (to a basic level). They may change other things, but all I did was set of the computer racing without me, so I've not got a good understanding, I'm afraid, and just because I say it affects the CC cars, it doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't affect the players.
0013:8A54 - Player Car Related
0013:8A55 - Player Car Related
0013:8A81 - Affects CC cars
0013:8AC0 - Affects CC cars
0013:8B01 - Affects CC cars
0013:8B94 - ?
0013:8b95 - Affects CC cars
0013:8bb4 - ?
0013:8bb5 - Race times related
0013:8BE8 - ?
0013:8BE9 - see above
0013:8BEA - ?
0013:8BEB - see above
0013:8F49 - Grip constant?
I'm sorry it's not more deatiled,but I'm not much good with this sort of thing,so I thought I'd let the experts know!


Pit Lane Bug

Posted by David Richards from

The CCs are having trouble getting out of their pit stalls, does anyone know how this can be fixed?


Posted by Malcolm Mitchell from

Have you tried the track in different slots? That often
solves problesm similar to this.

Malcolm Mitchell


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