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CC line
Disco Fever ( Serious Problem; black sky )
Question... (trackeditor of vaino iso-hannula)
Placing graphics on fences/walls

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CC line

Posted by Sergei Krasnov from

i know nothing about making CCline.
any suggestions.
say something about CCline options

Posted by addie from

if you know nothing, maybe could be a start ?!
i also collected lots of forum postings. you find them on my site also ...


Disco Fever ( Serious Problem; black sky )

Posted by Herbert Wirl from

Hi all,

I started editing again.
This time i try to keep up the motivation
so i maybe even finish CC-line editing :)

But now i encoutered a crazy problem:
We all know the "disco-lights" error when we mess up the scenery.
and i also see no clouds, but black sky.

Here's what the sanity check shows:
1) too many jam files
2) ID32 JAM missing ( Black sky check I )

Everything else SHOULD be okay.
The track is working, and i've checked everything 4 times.

I just can't find the problem.

Please help me out.


P.S. If someone can help me by
checking the track ... please contact me.

Posted by addie from

if you see but black sky the sky-texture (usually from clouda.jam) is missing in the jam-list. maybe this is also a result of "1) too many jam files". or maybe you have a custom texture but with wrong id. see original track for right id.

the 2) failure means you also miss a texture with id 32 which is needed for default background of the scenery. but you may want to look at this only if you miss something in the background except the regular sky. (e.g. if you see black parts of horizon BELOW the sky)

in former postings this problem was discussed, solved a.o. by fat rat. see my forum-posting collection at:
january 2000 issue

i hope its useful information


Question... (trackeditor of vaino iso-hannula)

Posted by Justin from

Does anybody know where I could download Iso's TE? Just wanting to "play" with it before I start in on a little track layout thingy w/Paul's editor.

Posted by Nobbie from

Hey Justin,
Here is Iso's site...
hope this helps,


Placing graphics on fences/walls

Posted by Simon Donald from

I am currently making a new Kyalami track, but I have run into a problem with placing textures on fences in certain places. In some areas it works fine, however I have a problem placing textures/gfx on the left hand wall immediatly after the pit exit. I can place the textures fine on the pit wall (both sides) and on the piece of the pit exit wall commanded for by the pit-lane, but what ever I do I can't get the texture on the wall. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and has figured out a way to solve this problem?



Posted by Leo from

Most probably the part of the wall you can't texture, is the connection between the pitfences and the trackfences. (These show up bright pink in TE). These connections will always get the default wall texture, so you have to change that one. A better way however is to minimize the 'connecting fences' by placing your pit and track fences and the 'join pitlane fences' command very carefully.


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