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Very basic question (Please dont tell me to go to the TEIC)
remove Black Flag area
Trees (of monaco pit lane)

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Very basic question (Please dont tell me to go to the TEIC)

Posted by Rafael P. from

People, im building a track but i forgot something: i cant create a tire wall: i use the texture mapping command, but i dont know some parameters. Please dont tell me to go to the TEIC

Posted by James Burgess from

OK, I won't :D!

1) Select the track sector you want to place the wall at.
2) Right-click on the sector and select 'Insert Command'.
3) Go to '0xe9' or 'Texture Mapping' (near the top), select it and click 'OK'!
4) Scroll down the list of jams until you find the tyre wall image.
5) Enter:
Location (Must select a non-'Unk' location)
Begin Offset (you can leave this)
Horizontal Resolution (won't show if it is zero)
Vertical Shift (you can leave this)
Rotation (leave as-is)
Length per texture (experiment with this)
Resolution (won't show if it is zero)
Length of mapping (MUST NOT be zero)
Horizontal Shift (you can leave this)
6) Click 'OK'!

I think I've covered everything!


remove Black Flag area

Posted by surscot from

can someone tell me how to remove a black-flag area?

Posted by Augusto Dewey from

the black flag areas are defined in the track sector 0 (cmd 0xde and 0xdf), so check there and remove them as you make to remove a normal command.

Posted by surscot from

thx, a few minutes after i wrote this request here, i found out how to remove them :)


Trees (of monaco pit lane)

Posted by Schubert from

I know this had been discussed before, but i couldn't find it in the forum postings...

How do you put big trees (with long trunks) like the ones in the monaco pit lane??

Posted by Karl Sanders from

The trees in the Monaco pitlane are one single object, but it won't show up in the track editor if you select "view 3D object".


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