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Scenery Ribbons
Tracks Won't Start (freeze)
bridged fences + pit lane attachement
replacing trees
fence extentions loc code D

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Scenery Ribbons

Posted by JeanA from

I have a problem with the track I'm editing. I cannot get the scenery ribbons to show up. I have a track section 89 units in length. I have the ribbons switched on from track sector 0 around the whole course and in the sector I want ribbons, I have a 0xee command and arranged the ribbons in the way I want. Also in this sector I have several 0xe9 commands to apply textures to these ribbons, which I know work because I have seen them working,But I have removed some scenery commands from sector 0, does anything else need applying to either track sector 0 or to the one I am trying to edit?. This is really irritating me now. All help greatly appreciated :)

Posted by addie from

switching them on and off should work as expected, at least as long as you use 0xea and 0xeb for switching. do NOT use 0xec and 0xed as they are for special occasions only. eventual 0xec and 0xed could simply be replaced by 0xea and 0xeb with same arguments. please post whether it worked.

Posted by JeanA from

Thanks Addie, In fact I think I half workedit out last night, but got too tired to test it out, what you have just said just confirmed what I did last night confirmed it.

Posted by Jean from

Right, it still doesn't seem to work, With one 0xea command in sector 0 with Arg2 set to 11 (L1?) L2, L4 and L5 become active with 10 0xea commands in sector 0 with arg2 set to each ribbon number, L1, R1,R3, R4 and R5 are in active wilst the rest are active... but I still can't apply a texture to the ones that are active. Could the 0xc8 commands in T0 be conflicting with the 0xe9 commands I am trying to use?

Once again, any help is appreciated

Posted by Schubert from

They couldn't conflict. Even if they do, the latest texture cmd will affect the ribbon.

Check if you have specified a length for 0xe9 that is more than the amount of that ribbon that is visible. Sometimes (or maybe always) this is what causes it to stay gray.

Hoep it helps

Posted by addie from

and you are sure the texture-id used for mapping really exists in the tracks jam-list ? (you tried one of the "standard" ids e.g. 906?)

Posted by JeanA from

Right, its been solved :)
I had tried to activate the Ribbons with the wrong location code, I had been using the C-type location code when I should have been using the B-type code

It's all good now, Thanks Addie and thanks to Schubert.


Tracks Won't Start

Posted by RBASTI from

When I start my track GP3 freezes!!! You click the 'Race' button and the game freezes!!!!

Does someone knows this problem??? Can anyone solve it???? PLEASE!!|!|!||!|!|?!?!

Posted by Flo from

Run GPxPatch in debug mode.

Posted by dave b from

maybe it is sdi's revenge for people who post the same message in this form twice under diffrent headings?

Posted by addie from

though some dont like to be told to go there, maybe you find a hint @
follow "troubleshooters FAQ" ...

(i'm afraid the debug mode of gpxpatch does not prevent gp3 from freezing, but maybe removing the cc-line from the track does ?)

Posted by RBASTI from

I've tried everything that you and the FAQ said, but it still FREEZES!!!!!!


Can't someone take a look at my Track???? PLEASE????

Posted by Schubert from

OK. me. send!

Posted by Schubert from

Check your mailbox. These were the problems due to which the track wouldn't load.

-Wrong Cc-Line. CC-Lines made along the track are wrong. See CC-lines of original tracks. You have to make them sector by sector checking all the way in gp3.It does not appear in the TE as it will in the game. Read the CC-Line Tutorial properly
-More than one 'Pit fence begin' (0x9f) command in t[1] and t[9]
-Wrong value for Pit End Length (0x9e) command in p[22]. Muse be 2 less than remaining pit length.
-Pit lane entry & exit JOIN pink sections were messed up a bit. I have corrected them and joined the fences correctly.
-There were invalid Black Flag Area Commands which had speed values of 999 or something.

Posted by RBASTI from

Thanks, I'll fix all the things you said.


bridged fences + pit lane attachement

Posted by Dark from

I have some turn where I can't get the fence to the fences are cutting the corners.
and how do you make that puple line by the Pits shorter

Posted by addie from

"fence cutting corner" is also called "bridged fences" sometimes. its a checkbox in the track-sector-dialog box. just uncheck it if you dont want them cutting the corner.
decreasing the purple lines means having the cmds 0x9f-0xa4 in appropriate positions and suiting verge-width there. but beware, they must not be TOO short. see original tracks for good examples.


replacing trees (and gravel traps)

Posted by chrissy from

i´m doing now the raod america 2002 track, but i have one problem: how can i place trees around the rack?
i tried nearly everything else, but nothinbg works. hope someone can help me

Posted by gap from

first you has to insert the Jam file for the tree you wish to add: in the track tree - Jam Files section, select any jam file, right click, and choice "Insert Jam File" in the appearing popup menu. Remember to add a SW jam, unless you checked "Use HW Jams" in the Option menu.

The second step is to define the tree objects you wants to add to the track: Objects/Jams - Insert New Object Definition. A window will appear: select 5 - gp2 defined object as ID1, check the Jam Preview box, then play with the ID2 untill you see your choiced tree.
Other parameters to be settled: Detail = it determine if the objects are visible or not according to the detail level you settled in the GP3 graphic menu. Choice detail level high, low or medium. Y DFC is the distance from the center of the track (negative values = left), other Position & Orientation fields to be ignored for tree objects.
The object offset is the ID for the current Object definition. Keep it in mind for the next phase:

Insert the object anchor: in the track tree - Track Data, select the track sector where you wish to see the tree. Right click on it and select "Insert Track Command" in the popup window. Then slect the 0x80 command (the last one) in the appearing command list. In the Object Position Dialog window you has to settle the distance from the start of the sector (first box, remember that you can't add two objects in the same sector to the same offset) and, in the second box, the ID for the object description formerly created by you. When you press OK, the tree is yet added and a new Object Anchor icon appears between the commands relative to the choiced track sector. Double click on it if you wants to modify something and remember that if you modify the object description, it will affect all the trees added with the same Object Definition, not only the one you double clicked on.

Repeat the procedure from the last step if you wants to add trees with the same Object Definition, otherwie, for new trees having different shapes or Y positions, repeat the procedure from the first point.

I hope I was clear,

Posted by chrissy from

thx, gap, it works fantastically.
my track is nearly finished, just some adverts to place and some gravels. but my question: how to place a gravel? the adverts and objects i added were every time such placed behind the walls. now i want to place the gravel in front of the wealls. hope you, or someone other, can help me

Posted by Nik from

Just as easy as placing trees, You need to map a gravel texture to the grass area of our track using the 0xe9 command for example (gp3jams/genjam/magsand.jam) is the gravel/sand jam that Monza uses. You don't have to worry about it feeling like gravel as (I think) the jam is coded to give that effect when driving over it... so GP3 does all the hard work for you there

The Magsand.jam will have two textures in it one plain gravel texture and one gravel bleeding out to the road. the first is best applied to the fence side verge and the second to the roadside verge

If it helps I find a command that works similar in one of the gp3 default tracks and copy it into my track and just change the texture if necessary and it's mapping length


Posted by gap from

Cool, it seems we will sooner have an adjourned Elkharte track :)

BTW are you using as base the GP3 convertion by Marc Aarts of the Roland Ehnström & Martijn Keizer track for GP2?

Anyhow, if you wants some objects to be visible before the fences, you has to settle the detail level of their Object Definition to "Show before fences". On the Contrary, gravel traps are not objects added on the side of the track, but textures mapped on the verges:
As I described you in the former post, import in your track one of the standard Jam files with gravel canvas on it. remember: YOU CAN change the jam name,the canvas bitmap, the texture size, etc. before to import it, BUT NOT the texture ID number, otherwise you risks that the gravel in your track behave like grass!!!

Commonly (at least for standard tracks), for any kind of gravel to be mapped on your track, you has to import/edit two different gravel jams: the first jam, containing just one texture with the main gravel bitmap on it has to be mapped on the fence side verges for the whole gravel trap extention, with the 0xe9 command (see the Track Command Library for more details about it).
The second jam has two texture (on both of them the ID can be changed) relative to the areas where the gravel lies with the grass (to be mapped on the fence side verge, to the left and right sides of the gravel trap area)or with the road edge (to be mapped on the road side verge, for the whole extention of the gravel trap area).

I hope even this time my intervention will be helpful,


Posted by chrissy from

yes, your advices are very helpful, although i look every time in the trackedit tutorial, but your explanation is much better to understand.
but i have at least one problem: my gravel is every time exact by the street, and the width is the same as my shape (2001), but equal to every changes, the gravel-stripe doesnßt move, it only becames longer or shorter, but how to change this value, i know. hope you could help me one more time :)
i don´t use marc aarts track, his version is not exactly the original layout, till i was last year there and saw the cart-race, i know now the exact heights and length etc, so that i decided to do a new road america track.

Posted by gap from

Hehe Chris,

several peoples (many of them not more corcerned in track editing) wrote very good tutorials. We will never thank enough these persons because without their experimenting and divulgating activity a GP2/GP3 track editing community could not exist. Neverthless, as you can understand, it is unpossible to have guides relating to all the possible track editing stuffs, and even when you find the "right" tutorial, they can only treat the matter in general, so that they can't solve all the particular problems coming from the application of general rules. This is why the personal experience is irreplaceable, just like this forum, where peoples share their experiences! ;-)

But let go to the particular point:
I'm not sure I've well understood your problem, anyhow, if you means that you can't get out changing the gravel areas DFS (distance from start) it has something to do with the 0xe9 command:
locate the 0xe9 commands mapping the gravel on a particular area of your track; cut/paste it if they are placed in other track sector than the one where you wants the mapping starts, then doubleclick on the command and settle the correct values in the 2nd (Begin Offset) and 9th (Lenght of mapping) boxes. The "Begin Offset" is the distance from the start of the sector where the mapping starts, and the "Lenght of the Mapping", obviously, determines how long the mapping will be applied. Both the parameters are expressed in track lenght units, and they can be longer than the lenght of the track sector where the particular 0xe9 command is applied, because the mapping can last on the following sectors. Also be warn that the next 0xe9 command on the same track part (fence side verge, road side verge, ecc.) starts AFTER the range of the former one as defined by the 2nd and 9th parameters, because if you overlays two of these commands, the last one will overwrite the effect of the preceding one in the overlapping area, and it could be difficult for you to well predict the effects of your changes.

If you has still problems, or if my explanations weren't relating to your question, don't exitate to ask help again. :)


Posted by chrissy from

OH NO! my track doesn´t work anymore!
i made a few changes on the pitlane and its speedlimiters, and a few changes in the first corner at the gravel, and every time i want to drive the track, gp3 goeas back to windows!
@ gap: could you write down your e-mail adress? than i send you the track and you see what problems there are with the gravel, ok?

Posted by gap from

Peraphs you put the "speed limiter on" command (0x96) in the very same pit lane sector as the "pit lane fences begin" command (0x9f). Try to restore the original speed limiter on position.

Another hypothesys: after the changes, you forgot to check/uncheck correctly the pitlane unk check boxes: they have to be checked depending also from the speed limiter on/off commands position, otherwise the track freezes GP3.

In both the cases refer to the "Guide to Pitlane Editing" and the "Trouble Shooter FAQ" by Addie for more details.

Another good solution should be to keep on the editing from the last working back up track ;)

Regarding the gravel trap stuff, send the track with the eventual custom Jams to this adress: . Also tell me more extensively where exactly and how do you want the gravel... but I can't ensure you that I will immediately have a look to your track, because I'm very busy with my Hockenheim track final touches.

fence extentions loc code D

Posted by gap from

wich is the GP3 location code D for the left fence extentions. I essayed the GP2 value for fences and walls (4), but it did not worked.
BTW. Did someone published an adjourned loc code D/E table for GP3, as many of the location values changed from GP2?


Posted by addie from

hi gap, hi all

this is what i found in the collection (i've no idea why i missed to put it in the cmdlib, sorry dan !):

Posted by Danc from

Here are the values that I find work for 0xC5
16=all ribbons
32=pitlane road entry

no R1???????
The fields are the same as before, a4=turn on type D
a5=turn off type D. Not sure about a6. a7,a8 angle of view as before.


Posted by gap from

Thanks Addie,
now I'm checking if the fences value workrs also for fence extentions


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