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some track editing related writing

for GrandprixX


if you wrote some tutorial, or know somebody who has written some tutorials on GPX trackediting in whatever language, please get in touch with me. i'd be glad to post them here or (even better) place a link to them here.

wenn du selber ein tutorial geschrieben hast, oder jemanden kennst, wo ein tutorial zu GPX streckenbau geschrieben hat, in welcher sprache auch immer, bitte melde dich bei mir. es würde mich freuen, es hier auf dieser website abzulegen oder (noch besser) hier einen link dahin zu plazieren.

Heb je een tutorial geschreven, in welke taal dan ook, of ken je iemand die een tutorial geschreven heeft over GPX in welke taal dan ook, contacteer me dan a.u.b. Ik zou ze graag hier plaatsen of (nog beter) hier een link plaatsen naar ze.
(thanks ruben vermeersch for the translation!)

se hai scritto qualche guida, o conosci qualcuno che abbia scritto guide su argomenti correlati con il trackediting di GPX, in qualsiasi lingua, mettiti in contatto con me. Sarò lieto di postare in questo sito tale materiale o ,(ancora meglio) riportare un link ad esso.
(thanks Gianco for the translation!)

Se você escreveu algum tutorial, ou conhece alguém que escreveu algum tutorial sobre
edição de pistas no GPX em qualquer língua, por favor me dê um toque. Eu ficaria feliz em
divulgá-lo aqui, ou então, colocar um link para ele aqui.
(thanks Otavio Silveira for the translation!)

Vous avez redige un tutorial a propos de Trackeditor GP3 ? Vous connaissez quelqu'un qui le fait ?
Contactez moi. Je serais ravi de poster ces travaux ou (meme mieux) placer un lien ici.
(thanks Olivier for the translation!)

(more translations are very welcome)

some of the texts mention Grandprix2 only. but as the track basics of Grandprix3 are pretty similar, those texts are still valid in general.

track command library

v3d, may 22. 2001

reinserted location code type F for GP3 plus minor changes.

if you already have the version 3c you just need to download and replace the new htm-file (40k) as the pictures didnt change.
if you dont have the 3c version, you also need the images(630k) if you want some images between the texts. the pictures need to be in the same directory as the htm-file then.

and as usual, we also have a pdf-version (1.5M) again

editing guides





html zipped



the guide to track editing


feb 19, 1999

download (320k)

download (200k)


how to make an accurate track ...


aug 19, 1999

download (600k)

download (1540k)


the guide to pit lane editing


feb 7, 1999

download (260k)

download (980k)


brief introduction to cc-line editing


feb 3, 1999

download (150k)

download (390k)







general note

the cmdlib and the guides are in html-format with images included. do unzip the packages in their own directory and open the html-file with your favourite web-browser.

the documents are also available as pdf (thanks Vaino for the idea!).
for viewing them you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

and i'm happy to welcome the guest authors





html or doc zipped



Martijn's Scenery Tutorial
by Martijn Keizer


jan 11, 2000

download (390k)

download (490k)


Object Tutorial
by Martijn Keizer


jan 10, 2000

download (90k)

download (150k)


Street Circuit Tutorial
by Andrew Davey


oct 2001

click to view



Export/Import 3D Object
by Andreas Schulz



jan 2002


(follow Guides)



versione italiana

da Roberto Scandura

la parte A contiene

- 01 - Men– e simboli.doc
- 02 - L'inizio.doc
- 03 - Modellare la pista.doc
- 04 - Modellare il bordopista.doc
- 05 - Pitlane editing.doc
- Command

la parte B contiene

- 06 - Cc-line editing.doc
- 07 - Object-texture editing.doc
- 08- Nuovi oggetti.doc
- 09 - Command editing.doc
- 10 - Miscellanous.doc
- 11 - Scenario.doc
- sommario.doc

  aug 2003 download part A (1.9M)

download part B (1.8M)



more writing could be found at:

(you especially may want to look out for
-the camera tutorial of SNQQPY.DOG and
-the colors tutorial of the same author)

auf der folgenden website sind auch tutorials in deutsch erhältlich:

on the following page you find a tutorial about converting HW to SW jams in portuguese language