0xe8, Map jip onto track surface, 10 args

This puts a jip texture on top of the track surface, rather than replacing the track texture as in 0xe9
Seen mainly in the pitlane, also a lot in Monaco.

a1: Offset into sector
a2: unit length / number of repeats
a3: If >1, spacing of dashes (see below)
a4: Jip ID
a5: Horizontal offset (0 = center of track, 128 = left side of pitlane?)
a6: 'Vertical' offset
a7: ?unk (Always 0?)
a8: Horizontal repeats (0,1 do same thing - no repeats)
a9: Offset for horizontal repeats
a10: ?unk (Always 0?)


White: a5 = -128 (to left)
Yellow: a5 = -112 (to left)

Note the repeat on the right of the track. This suggests a 256 unit repeat in the command.
While a start line has a5 = -128, a zebra crossing in Monaco has a5 = 0 (start at center of road).

a8 = 8, a9 = 32. 8 x 32 = 256, so it covers the 'repeat' section.

This shouldn't cause problems, as a track width of about 1800 is about 256 units wide (approx. 256 x 7, weird value). It should just prove useful for covering the width of the track.


The black line indicates the end of a track sector. The checked jip has a6 = 0, but the white line has a6=4. This 'pushes' the jip backwards in the track sector.

(Arrow indicates direction of track) (One track sector = 32 units)
Imagine the top blue line is the white line. Changing a6 to 4 causes it to move like the second blue line, but note it doesn't go over the start of the track sector.
By default, any shorter jips are pushed to the end of the sector (like the top red line). You can move them backwards without loosing any of the jip while they're in the sector but once they reach the start of the sector it starts to dissapear.


The white line has a9 = 16, the yellow a9 = 32.

0xae, 'Corrects' pit lines, 2 args

This command seems to move the yellow pit lines to the side of the track, so the whole line is visible.

a1: ?unk (Always 0?)
a2: Location:
16384 = right
-32767 = left
-16384 = both lines