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Adelaide 1999

download basic-version of an adelaide-track in v8-supercar 1999 layout (18k)

download reworked version with catch-fencing and everthing, made by rob huffer & david richards (165k)

download track images for the adelaide v8 supercar track, made by bruno westrade
(thank you very much, bruno!)


base tracks (GP2)

a set of completely stripped down original tracks with less than 25k size each. they feature a basic layout and basic scenery and are ready for making great tracks because there is plenty of room for custom objects. the package includes twice the same track, once with left hand pits, once with right hand pits.

get them (15k)

any idea for making them more usable is welcome.

test track (GP2)

basically its one of the tracks above, but with slightly altered layout and added custom jams. they belong into a directory gamejams\tt

drive up the hill then drive on the right verge to get the "test"-idea.

get it (30k)