original version v2: december 1, 2000
updated version v2.01: march 21, 2001
jamset of Rick TNT Herben; june 13, 2001
sw-conversion of Ricks jamset by Ryan McLean; september 5, 2001
optimized version by Uwe Zielbauer (Zieli); august 24, 2010

"The Bremer for Grandprix3"

Grand Prix Suisse in Bern-Bremgarten

historical circuit for Grandprix 3

the bern-bremgarten track is (actually was) hold on public roads in a forest called "bremgartenwald" in the north-west of bern, switzerland. there were 14 grand prix races from 1934 to 1939 and from 1947 to 1954. in the seventies when a motorway was build, large parts of the historical track and also the huge grand stand building got lost. but turn 1 into the quarry section, eymatt- and tenni-corner still can be seen today.

my track is an intermediate version with (as i call it) authentic track-layout/topology (the latter intentionally proportionally exagerated a bit), about ok scenery, and a few indications of objects. you may call it “base track for future versions”.

after driving “the bremer” with the wheel for some dozens of laps i guess in the bremgarten-forest even jacques villeneuve would become nervous. and i could give a few hints to shuey (M) where to drive into other peoples cars pretty much efficacious.

see some historical photos on the bremgarten page of the SRCB-homepage

directly to the photos:

notes to the update 2.01

the download packages include all files you need for a full install. those of you who already installed the original version of this track need to update the trackfile only.

this is just a technical update. you wont notice any gfx-difference on the track. the pit lane is slighly reshaped to allow the very first team in the row to pit also. at 2nd this track now includes "magic-data" which allows you to run this track in any slot with equal condition if you run grandprix3 with gpXpatch of Rene SDI Smit (see

"magic-data" is a portion of parameters that belongs to a track but is originally located in the gp3.exe. but with the "magic-data" technology of Marc Aarts and Rene Smit we have this portion in the trackfile now. if you run gp3 with gpXpatch, the latter reads the "magic-data" in the trackfile and posts it into the memory of gp3 when loading the track. gp3.exe itself remains untouched.

but you also can run this track without gpXpatch (preferably in slot 13).

download latest version of track

click to download complete hardware-version here: (about 50k)
click to download complete software-version here: (about 150k)

click to download trackfile only here (about 30k)

Rick TNT Herben made a HW-jam-pack with more modern pit building and bridge and fence jams. they replace my original jams. click here (about 50k) to download them, and make your choice. see the following screenshots (left column original jams, right column ricks jams):

And here is a software version of Rick Herben's jamset made by Ryan McLean: (about 110k)

new in 2010!

The optimized version of the original track by Uwe Zielbauer (Zieli): Bremgarten_update.rar (about 300k)


if somebody likes to host it on his/her page
i’d suggest to just insert a link to
as i won’t announce eventual updates of the track individualy.
(and of course i never mind a little notification, if you do so :)

click to see legal notes (copyright etc.)


1 a

for software version create a custom dir called:


in your GP3JAMS\ directory and copy the jam-files from into it.

1 b

for hardware version create a custom dir called:


in your GP3JAMSH\ directory
(please note the H at the end of the hardware jams-dir) and copy the jam-files from into it


then copy the trackfile f1ct13.dat to the CIRCUITS directory.
if you’d prefer the track in another slot simply rename it.

beware: you may want to save or rename your original f1ct13.dat before.

3 you may want to run this track in particular and gp3 in general with gpXpatch, as it offers a smoother integration of custom tracks (amongst many other great features).

gpXpatch is available at ; instructions are available there also. but the track runs also without gpXpatch, but preferably in slot 13 replacing spa.

trouble shooting

- if you get grey areas where the fences should be, you missed the correct jams-directory name
- if gp3 crashes to desktop when loading the track you maybe mixed up the hardware- and software jams
- if it still crashes to desktop, you may want to try another slot (default slot: f1ct13.dat)

known problems

- not really a bug, but pretty often you will notice quite a massacre in turn 1 or in the quarry-section. i'm sure, this can be controlled, but its too subtle to properly figure out how, so far. so i'm afraid we have to live with it for the moment.

thanks to

- Geoff Crammond and team for the incredible Grandprix X - serie

- Mr Adriano Cimarosti for all the historical information
- Patrick Fitze for the photos of the 1:5000 map of 1968
- Tinu Zutter for more maps and photos (see ; follow "tracks")

- Paul Hoad and Vaino Iso-Hannula for the trackeditors
- Mal Ross for the jameditor
- garrenT for gp3jam
- Steven Young for GP3Edit
- Rene Smit for gpXpatch (available here: and great research
-Marc Aarts for cmagic (available here: )
and lots of discussions and support
- Phil “wøødy” Woodward for great research
- the trackediting-community for their research, tracks and tools
- Jan Frischkorn for the 2000-cars (see
- Simon Weber for lots of testdriving during development

- big thank you to the beta-testers (alphabetical order)
Niklas & Simon Dahlman, Andrew Daley, Ray Geeri, Bob Pearson, wøødy
special thank you to Simon Weber for the final tests !

- Evita (again and again) for being patient

and for help with the update:

john verheijen, christian bille and simon hollingstead (for the reminder :)

(my Minardi on these screenshots is from the 2000 carset of Jan Frischkorn)

... may you always have dry weather on “the bremer” :)