august 24, 2010

Curno Track Bergamo / Italia

A Kart-Track in Italy for Grandprix3

by addie walti

new in august 2010!

An optimized and a longer version of the original track by Uwe Zielbauer (Zieli) !



click for action


hardware version

about 156KB

software version

about 212KB

tracks by Uwe Zielbauer (Zieli)


about 541KB

you need gpXpatch of Rene SDI Smit to run this track. you can get gpXpatch from

if you try to run the track without gpXpatch, gp3 crashes to desktop at loading the track (the track is way too short for regular loading in gp3).


if somebody likes to host it on his/her page
i’d suggest to just insert a link to
as i won’t announce eventual updates of the track individualy.

click to see legal notes (copyright etc.)



for software version create a custom dir called:


in your GP3JAMS\ directory and copy the jam-files from into it.


for hardware version create a custom dir called:


in your GP3JAMSH\ directory
(please note the H at the end of the hardware jams-dir) and copy the jam-files from into it


set up one of the slots in the tracklist of gpXpatch to the trackfile f1ct03.dat in the jams directory.

(as the track includes magic-data that will be patched into gp3 by gpXpatch, it doesnt matter which slot you choose, the behaviour of the track should be the same in all slots.)



this track only works when gp3 runs with gpXpatch. the reason is, the track is way to short for running in regular conditions. via the included “magic-data” and gpXpatch this short-coming of gp3 can be compensated.

see for more info about gpXpatch.

for info about “magic-data” and cmagic.exe of Marc Aarts, see

btw i highly recommend to run gp3 with gpXpatch in general, especially with custom tracks.

trouble shooting

- if you get plain grey areas where textures should be, you missed the correct jams-directory name
- if gp3 crashes to desktop when loading the track, you may have mixed up the hardware- and software jams
(- but see also the known problems in the following section)

known problems

- crashes gp3 to desktop sometimes (still investigating; see special note)
- cc-cars have trouble with the first chicane in first lap
- cc-cars have trouble with the last chicanes when overtaking or lapping
- unstable idle rev on some systems
-its possible to get lost in the gras of the inside of hairpins
- some gfx shortcomings

thanks to

- Geoff Crammond and team for the incredible Grandprix X - serie
(take your time for grandprix4!)

- Paul Hoad for the trackeditor
- Mal Ross for the jameditor
- garrenT for gp3jam
- Steven Young for GP3Edit
- Rene "SDI" Smit for gpXlap and great research
- MArc Aarts for cmagic and GPxSAT and convert.exe and
- Ralph Hummerich for the cars
- Aubrey Windle for GP3Phys
- the Grandprix3-community for their research, tracks and tools and other add-ons
- Dieter C. Serowy for hospitality and the BOSS-carset

- Alberto Negri for initiating this project and for all the information and images
-Tom Stuhrmann for lots of testdriving, and help with the magic-data
- Simon Weber for the final tests

- and Evita

some car setup proposals for curno

alberto negri

inited the developement of this track

wheel&pedals, logitech wingman ff, no driving helps, steering max lock: 18 degrees


  wings f/r break-balance diff


  11 - 11 - 50.000 - low


  16 - 18 - 25 - 28 - 33 - 45




  arp, damping, spring, rideheight


  3000 - 0 - 4 - 4 - 21 - 21 - 1400 - 16.5


  0 - 35 - 1 - 1 - 7 - 7 - 600 - 37

tom stuhrmann

lots of testing

all driving helps
but the


  wings f/r break-balance diff


  20 - 20 - 46.250 - high


  16 - 19 - 22 - 25 - 28 - 31




  arp, damping, spring, rideheight


  500 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 24 - 24 - 1100 - 15


  0 - 0 - 8 - 8 - 0 - 0 - 800 - 20

addie walti

no driving helps,
steering max
lock: 20 degrees


  wings f/r break-balance diff


  20 - 20 - 46.000 - low


  16 - 24 - 31 - 36- 40 - 43




  arp, damping, spring, rideheight


  3000 - 31 - 4 - 4 - 21 - 21 - 1400 - 16


  0 - 35 - 1 - 1 - 7 -7 - 600 - 37

special note

SDI and me are trying to track down a special kind of bug which occurs every here and then and seems to somehow depend on the length (shortness that is) of the track. you could help us by sending me the gpXpLoad.txt-log file after the crash (to desktop) of gp3 happend.

do this: on the starting screen of gpXpatch be sure to have checked "start gp3 in debug mode" and then please set the verbosity level to "high" before starting gp3 and driving the track. if gp3 crashes, please also quit gpXpatch and then goto the subdirectory gpXdata\log in your gp3-installation and rename the file gpXpLoad.txt (to save it) to e.g. gpXpLoad1.txt, then restart gpXpatch again if you want to continue with driving.

please also write a short note "when and how" the game crashed. known "when and hows" are "leaving the cockpit to the menu" and "on the track, in the s/f chicane" or "at zapping in tv-mode". and please note if you eventually changed anything of the track or magic-data, and whether you use a custom carset, please do note this also. and last but not least a short specification of the pc you use maybe could be useful, e.g. "k6/450, 128mb, voodoo3/2000, sb128, w98se"

on some systems the track (actually all tracks of mine more or less) suffers from a another problem: the idle rev is unstable. just engage 1st gear and leave the pits without touching the throttle. you cant miss it, if it happens. please report whether it happens on your system.

thanks in advance !

(the minardi on these screenshots is painted by Ralph Hummerich)