"Autodrom Most for Grandprix2"

directed by dieter c. serowy

install track for Grandprix 2


create a custom dir called:


in your GAMEJAMS\ directory and copy the jam-files from into it. then run the included program convert.exe to convert the .jad-files to .jam-files.


then copy the trackfile f1ct10.dat to the CIRCUITS directory.
if you’d prefer the track in another slot simply rename it.

beware: you may want to save or rename your original f1ct10.dat before.

trouble shooting

- if you get grey areas where custom textures should be, you missed the correct jams-directory name

Thanks to

-Geoff Crammond and team for the incredible Grandprix 2
-Paul Hoad for the Trackeditor
-the one and only Addie Walti
-all the guys around who made gp2/3 such great games
-Jens Schaffer - for the unsucessful first attempt

and last but not least Marion

This circuit is dedicated to Karl-Heinz Becker.
Hope to see you race again with your Minardi in Most!

Have fun!!!

Dieter C. Serowy

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in general:
This work may be freely copied and distributed, as long as it is not modified in
any way, NO FEE IS CHARGED and this file is always included.

in particular (for those who dont feel concerned by general rules of decency):
you must NOT include this track on any commercial disc or CD-ROM without
the prior clear consent of the author!

if you nevertheless intend to include this or any other track made by the track
editing community on any commercial disc or CD-ROM you better check the
licence.txt with the Track Editor of Dr Paul Hoad first !


* Disclaimer *

This circuit is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed
or implied. The author will not be held responsible for any losses incurred,
either directly or indirectly by the use of this circuit.

This is not a Microprose product.

Grandprix 2 is copyright © Geoff Crammond.

dieter c. serowy / addie walti ©2001 All Rights Reserved.

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