"Autodrom Most for Grandprix3"

directed by addie walti

install track for Grandprix 3

(Minardi from the 2000 carset of Jan Frischkorn)

1 a

for software version create a custom dir called:


in your GP3JAMS\ directory and copy the jam-files from into it. then run the included program convert.exe to convert the .jad-files to .jam-files.

1 b

for hardware version create a custom dir called:


in your GP3JAMSH\ directory
(please note the H at the end of the hardware jams-dir) and copy the jam-files from into it


then copy the trackfile f1ct10.dat to the CIRCUITS directory.
if you’d prefer the track in another slot simply rename it.

beware: you may want to save or rename your original f1ct10.dat before.


this track includes “magic-data” and therefore is best runned with gpXpatch of SDI.
see for more info.

for info about “magic-data” and cmagic.exe of Marc Aarts, see

trouble shooting

- if you get grey areas where custom textures should be, you missed the correct jams-directory name
- if gp3 crashes to desktop when loading the track you maybe mixed up the hardware- and software jams
- if it still crashes to desktop, you may want to try another slot (default slot: f1ct10.dat)

known problems

- more than average number of crashes in first chicane.
tried to improve but failed so far. specific ideas welcome.

- some hoovering bushes

thanks to

- Geoff Crammond and team for the incredible Grandprix X - serie
(please fix the unspeakable hoping-when-approaching tree objects!)

- Paul Hoad for the trackeditor
- Mal Ross for the jameditor
- garrenT for gp3jam
- Steven Young for GP3Edit
- Rene “SDI” Smit for gpXpatch and great research (in particular the list of asserts!)
- MArc Aarts for cmagic and convert.exe and
- Sven Mitlehner for GP3Master and IDChanger
- John Verheijen for identifying the transparency flag in hw-jams

- Dieter C. Serowy for the gp2-version and for lots of discussion !
- the girls’n guys of Synetic and THQ for the great Autodrom Most track
for MBTR (and for the whole sim which is great and great fun!);

- MArc Aarts for testdriving and discussion, and help with the magic-data
- Tom Stuhrmann for testdriving, and help with the cc-cars setup (and the CD!)
(click here to down load Major Tom's setup for the "Autodrom Most")
- Simon Weber again for testdriving and discussion during development
- the trackediting-community for their research, tracks and tools
- Jan Frischkorn for the cars (see

- Thank you to the beta-testers (alphabetical order)
Marc Aarts, Azzuro, Christian Bille, Niklas & Simon Dahlman, Dietmar Meul,
Dieter C. Serowy, Tom Stuhrmann, Ruben Vermeersch, Simon Weber

and Simon Weber for the final tests !

- And last but not least Evita for still being patient

click to see legal notes (copyright etc.)

dieter c. serowy, addie walti © 2001 All Rights Reserved.