june 2, 2014

"Circuit de Pau / France" for Grandprix4

3rd revised version *)

Urban circuit for Grandprix 4

formula one is back at Pau ! (its about time, after 50 years!)

the author in front of the well known "Café Anaïak" and "Restaurant Au Fin Gourmet", near the "virage de la gare"
(normally the brake discs are glowing badly here)

about same place as above, from within the car.
(this time the brake discs are glowing badly, as the author is trying to catch up)

download & installation

click to download: pau2013d.rar (about 7.6MB)

elder revisions: (about 8.3MB) (about 8.8MB)
unzip the downloaded file and see the included gp4form.txt for instructions.
in short: launch GPxPatch 4.x and just load pau2013.dat file from the unpacked directory into GPxTrack, and start gp4

or click here to download the TSM version (thanks auscain for packaging !): pau2013bTSM.rar (about 6.6MB)
please see the TSM-manuals for instructions how to install it.

meanwhile some more sight seeing

uphill, approaching "pont oscar". brake discs glowing again

still uphill, approaching the unforgiving hairpin "virage lycée"

a few seconds later, about to pass the "palais beaumont"

approaching the notorious "virage foch".
the crane is pretty busy here.

downhill to the "virage buisson", (the speed limit sign is decoration only)

further downhill, before the chicane (and you thought "foch" is bad ...)

... after the chicane, if the latter didnt bite you

now its getting a bit more relaxed for a while, at least if there is no car to catch

passing the bar/restaurant "l'autodrome"

not far to go to start/finish now

... or to the pits

in case you prefer motion pictures, click here

*) the third revision:
- revised for use with GPxPatch 4.24+
- now with track-specific jip-file next to the .dat
- 3 additional .dat-files with replaced yellow-jip color by the help of track cmd 0xc9 (see command-library for info about that cmd)

*) the second revision:
- re-packaged for use with GPxPatch 4.10+
- now with ingame trackmap for arcade mode (though not yet properly adjusted, sorry for that!)
- including a specific .mr-file, so trackmarks are the same in every slot
- extended .ini-file, so more parameters are independant from which slot is used:
- custom loading bar color
- custom tarmac color tone
- adjustment of mentioned ingame trackmap
- adjustment of pit lane lines
- plus some more gfx improvements/fixes here and there
- and last but not least, the cc-cars now drive more cautious (by checking the "Special (Monaco)"-flag in the initial track sector)

*) the first revision:
- re-packaged for use with the new trackmanager of GPxPatch 4.x
- new micro-profile / -banking with randomness for more natural feel
- improved gfx for wet weather conditions
- slightly revised pit lane
- some more gfx improvements/fixes here and there

thanks to

- Geoff Crammond and team for the incredible Grandprix - series

- Lo2k for all the tools, in particular the wonderful gp4builder, and for the pitcables !
- SDI for the great and only GPxPatch, and beta-testing
- auscain for beta-testing and the TSM-file
- Marc Aarts for cmagic4
- ZaZ for easywad
- Madman for GP4Tweaker
- patrickC for SLEditor
- Mal Ross and Marc Aarts for the jameditors
- Aubrey Windle for the GP4 Physics Editor (thats when the real fun started)
- Duffer for the Eurosport Replay logo
- Google for (allowing me to work with a precise trackmap)
- All the people who helped understand GPx editing, starting with the old hands from gp2/3 !

- M.Ithurriague (Café Anaïak) for interest and hospitality
- SomaFM for the soundtrack to the gp4builder

- And Evita !

and in case you visit the city of Pau and the track,
dont forget to stop at "MOTORS MANIA", near the castle above the track.

click to see legal notes (copyright etc.)



screenshots are made with GPxPatch, by hitting the F11-key; the last one slightly reworked;
all multimedia of this page is done with the original version of the track.