known limits

maximum track length limits

Woody: "the maxed out track + pit length limit is 1648 units
for all slots, a bit longer than gp2 but not enough eh?"

minimum GP3 track length limits (if not using gpXpatch)

if your current track in developement does not load (fall back to windows), please consider theses figures:

mel 881, int 857, arg 685, imo 987, bar 885, mco 669, gil 864, mag 790
sil 1011, a1 798- 800, hoc 1234, hun 741, spa 1395, mza 1129, nur 923, suz 948

its not really a length limit, but it acts like one. iím sure there will be a way around this soon, so no reason to become desperate now ...

trackfile-size limit

GP2: 62000 bytes (exactly, one more and bang ! thanks grammy!)

In GP3 its 140000 and in GP3-2000 it's 200000. (thanks SDI!)

number of texture mapping cmds in a GP2 track: about 223

you recognize the limit when you see grey areas where you mapped a texture and saw the texture yet before you mapped another texture.

max number of laps in a gp3-race (Flo, Tom C, JackieMatra)

full working: 99

reduced working: 126 (cockpit display only 2 digits; lap chart crashes)

more figures can be found on the troubleshootersFAQ-page

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