august 24, 2010

Bern-Grauholz 2002 for Grandprix3

Fictional circuit for Grandprix 3 (update of Bern-Grauholz 2001)

the main changes are:

- specific magic-data included
-slightly changed verges and bankings, in particular @ "willy's" chicane
-some gfx-improvements here and there ...

(though its called "update", bern-grauholz 2002 is a standalone version and does not depend on files of the previous version!)

new in august 2010!

An optimized version of the original track by Uwe Zielbauer (Zieli) !

The track is dedicated to the UNESCO world heritage “Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn”
(together with its neighbours "Eiger" and "Mönch", the "Jungfrau"-mountain is visible in the background in the following screenshot)

this flat-out corner is called "adrenaline" ...
(still no run off area, but at least the armco is red/white)


click to download hardware-version here: (about 1.3MB)
click to download software-version here: (about 740k)

click here for 2001-version

The optimized version of the original track by Uwe Zielbauer (Zieli): Grauholz_update.rar (about 1.6MB)

click to see legal notes (copyright etc.)

additional note

3rd parties please do not host the zip-files on your page. instead please simply link to
you are welcome to use any of the images of this page if you like.

looking behind in "sinnbeck"-corner


unzip downloaded file in temporary directory and see ...
(beware: the file cobble.jip has to be in software jams directory ONLY!)

if you unzip the downloaded file (e.g. in a temporary directory) you will see the directory structure where the files belong to. basically its a subdirectory be3jam and inthere a subdirectory called gr02 for the jams. if you install the “software-version” you also will have to run the included program convert.exe of marc aarts to convert the jad-files back to the jam-files.

the trackfiles are in the gr02-directory in a subdirectory called “misc”. if you use gpxPatch of rene smit, you can let them there and refer to them in the trackmanager of gpxpatch. your choice would be the following:

- with gp3 1.13 you refer to the file gr02_113.dat

- with gp3-2000 you refer to the file gr02_2k.dat

if you use “pure” gp3 1.13 or gp3-2000 you have to copy the file gr02_pure.dat into your circuits-directory and rename it to a name f1ct01.dat .. f1ct17.dat of your choice. but beware, due to special conditions in gp3.exe the track will not work in all slots, you will have to find out.
my bet would be f1ct16.dat.

some notes

- the “installation” of the trackfile is the same for “hardware-version” and “software-version”.

- beware: if you are installing the “hardware-version”, be sure to have the file "cobble.jip” in the SOFTWARE jams (and NOT, not even a copy of it, in the "hardware jams”; else gp3 will crash to desktop when loading the track!)

- i strongly suggest to use gpxpatch for custom tracks (and in general). if you run custom tracks without gpxpatch you may have to face troubles with fuel consumption of your car and the cc-cars. the latter also may have problems entering and/or leaving the pits and/or the performance of them will be inappropriate. these things are hardcoded in gp3.exe for every "slot". if you use gpxpatch, the latter can patch those parameter at runtime according to custom information (“magic-data”) that is stored in the trackfile. this way you also have free choice of “slot” where to run the new track.

"paul hoad bend"

trouble shooting

- if you get plain uni-color areas where textures should be, you missed the correct jams-directory name

- for the software-version, be sure to have run the program convert.exe to convert the .jad files to .jam

- if gp3 crashes to desktop when loading the track you maybe mixed up the hardware- and software jams

- or maybe you copied the cobble.jip into the hardware-jams directory ?

- if it still crashes to desktop (and you are not using gpxpatch), you may want to try another slot (default slot: f1ct16.dat)

known bugs

- hard to miss

thanks to

- Geoff Crammond and team for the incredible Grandprix - serie

- Paul Hoad for the trackeditor
- Mal Ross and Marc Aarts for the jameditors
- Rene Smit for gpXpatch ( and great research
- Marc Aarts for the magic data concept and tool and for convert.exe
- the people of the trackediting-scene for their research, tracks and tools

- Ralph Hummerich for the cars (see
- Mike Wittwer for temporary hosting the tracks

- Wilfried Matthews for the Jungfrau-photos for the horizon
- Florian Jesse for lots of testing during developement !
- "Major" Tom Stuhrmann for the gp3-1.13 magic-data
- Simon Weber for the final tests and lots of discussions !

- my dad for the help with the driving box.
- Sal Chiappetta for the great book “World Motor Racing Circuits” by Peter Higham & Bruce Jones

- And again and again Evita for patience, and coffee


(screenshots are made with gpxpatch (F9)