on this page you find articels on several subjects from different authors.


subject by date
converting GP2 tracks to GP3 (outdated! TE offers functionality nowadays) Wøødy aug 2000
0xe8, map jip onto track surface dJomp aug 2000
how to use "bitwise" location code types Laurie Henwood jan 2001
Guide to track cmds 0xc5/c6 addie walti feb 2001
the bumps-table, what it is and how to deal with it addie walti jul 2001
How to create jips for gp3 and gp3-2000 dieter c. serowy apr 2002

GP2 specific

subject by date
illustration of cmd 0xb2 jason hope jan 2000
How to get a starting light to work addie walti sep 2000

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