these webpages may be of use for people who are interested in the formula one simulations ...

Grandprix2, Grandprix3 and Grandprix4 by Geoff Crammond

... in general, and track editing for those sims in particular.

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track editing information center (gp2 and gp3)

some tracks

>>> "Circuit de Pau / France" for grandprix4 (3rd revision)

>>> Circuit de Reims / France for Grandprix3 by Dieter C Serowy
>>> Airfield Diepholz for Grandprix3 by Dieter C Serowy
>>> Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry for Grandprix3 by Dieter C Serowy

>>> "The Updates of Zieli" - Updates of above tracks for Grandprix3 by Uwe Zielbauer

>>> bern-bremgarten for grandprix3
>>> bern-grauholz for grandprix3

>>> autodrom most / CZ for grandprix2 and grandprix3
>>> curno track bergamo / Italia for grandprix3

>>> bern-bremgarten for grandprix2
>>> bern-grauholz for grandprix2
>>> more tracks for grandprix2


>>> revision history of this site

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